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Baywa r.e. & KUKA CABLE Collaborate for a New Era in PV industry

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On December 4th, Baywa r.e., a global leader in renewable energy, visited KUKA CABLE’s manufacturing base in Shanghai. The two parties engaged in a day-long tour and exchange, which played a positive role in strengthening their cooperation, accelerating business development, and building trust. KUKA CABLE, a well-known brand in the field of solar cables and accessories, has been instrumental in supporting BayWa r.e.’s renewable energy business, contributing to the global development of renewable energy.

Warm Welcome from Afar

At 10:30 in the morning, the shuttle from BayWa r.e. came to a slow stop, with Junrhey Castro (MD) leading a delegation of 7 representatives, including those responsible for sales, technology, and procurement, from Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. Tim (CEO) and his team warmly welcomed them, presenting flowers as a gesture of goodwill.

Exploring Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges

The meeting began with the sharing of company development data and history. Both sides reviewed and summarized past collaborations, with Baywa r.e. affirming the quality of KUKA CABLE products, as well as the team’s execution and sense of responsibility. Positive market signals were conveyed, along with challenges encountered in market expansion.

Focused on opportunities and challenges, the two parties discussed and exchanged suggestions and ideas, formulated promotion strategies, and summarized details for optimization. In 2024, KUKA CABLE plans to hire local staff in Southeast Asia to collaborate with BayWa r.e. in more effective market activities. Simultaneously, the two parties will explore effective marketing strategies and methods locally, such as roadshows and conference invitations, to accelerate the building of brand influence in the Southeast Asian region. These initiatives will help customers better accept KUKA CABLE’s brand and truly experience the quality of products like cables and accessories.

In-Depth Exploration of Production Lines, Witnessing Quality

After the meeting, the delegation visited the factory, covering various stages from the exhibition hall to the production line, from raw materials to finished packaging. KUKA CABLE made a comprehensive presentation. The highlight was the laboratory, where quality inspectors directed an 800°C flame at a photovoltaic cable, which, after extinguishing, did not continue to burn—a visually striking demonstration of the cable’s fire resistance.

In addition, the laboratory can conduct more than 20 tests, including elongation, aging, and ultra-low-temperature performance. Technical personnel from both sides jointly reviewed historical product test reports, with measured data for core electrical and mechanical performance surpassing the EU’s En50618 standard.

Business Discussions and Shared Expectations

In the final business discussions, the BayWa r.e. team expressed affirmation for KUKA CABLE’s quality control and services. “I am very happy to work with you because you are flexible and support me and my team every time,” said Keerati. They also provided valuable suggestions, with Vinh stating, “KUKA needs more brand awareness locally.”

The exchange between the two parties concluded in a pleasant atmosphere, and a taste of Chinese cuisine marked a perfect end to this journey.

City:Building 15, No. 9655, Tingwei Highway, Tinglin Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, China

Company Name: KUKA CABLE


Contact: 0086-18317109559

Email Address: sales@kukacable.com

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