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Follow these steps in the event that Amazon suspended your account.

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It is not easy to navigate customer-focused e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay, such as those offered by those two companies. If a user breaks the rules when they are functioning as a reseller on one of these websites, they risk having their account suspended. In the case of merchants on Amazon and eBay, there is sometimes a lengthy list of items. No matter the circumstances, having either an Amazon FBA account or an Amazon Drop shipping account makes the risk of encountering problems significantly higher and more obvious. When a seller wants to make sure their business runs well, they need to make sure they employ a professional staff that can handle any issues that may arise with their Amazon seller account. If the user needs assistance with an A-Z claim or maintaining their Amazon seller account, a skilled staff will be there to assist them. A variety of account concerns, such as ASIN deletions, bad feedback removals, Amazon b-related account suspensions, A-Z claim, providing protection against suspension, falsified or manipulated supplier documents, and drafting an effective Action plan, may be handled by professional help. There might be a few different reasons why an account was suspended.

Amazon suspends seller accounts for the following reasons:

Infraction of the Policy Regarding Intellectual Property:

The Intellectual Property Policy for Sellers provides both an introduction of intellectual property (IP) rights and some typical IP difficulties that might arise when selling on Amazon. Both of these topics are covered in more detail below. Before signing up to sell items on the Amazon marketplace, every new seller is required to be familiar with Amazon’s selling regulations because the e-commerce giant has highly stringent standards in this area. These policies include topics such as banned items, forbidden content, standards for product conditions, and rules for the product description page. If Amazon detects that you have violated any of their policies, they may strip you of some of your power or ask you to make preparations for the consequences, such as the suspension of your account.

Rating of Unsatisfactory Customer Service:

According to Amazon, your total performance is seen to be both increasing and dropping. They plan to operate a market that is cutthroat in competition and recognizes and rewards superior service to customers. Amazon makes it a point to keep a careful eye on the status of each seller account and to constantly check its various seller performance metrics. On the customer service panel, key performance metrics that influence the degree to which consumers are happy with the responses they received to their enquiries are shown. These are the primary metrics used by the panel:

  • Comments about the Customer Service Department
  • Response Time
  • The Percentage of Issues Resolved on First Contact

You run the risk of having your account suspended if you have a poor customer service rating, have a significant amount of unfavorable feedback, cancel transactions on a regular basis, or fail to deliver items on time on a continuous basis.

Where do we go from here?

Following a suspension, you will be required to create an Amazon Plan-Of-Action (POA) that is appropriate and will assist in the reinstatement of your suspended account. You have to start by having an understanding of the cause for the suspension. One mistake that practically every seller does is saying that “they’re defending themselves,” which indicates that they do not take the suspension or infringement seriously and that you will be in violation of the rules once more if Amazon decides to reinstate your account. This has a huge adverse effect on the firm, and Amazon may eventually delete your account from the Amazon Store permanently. Accept your error without even trying to defend yourself from it.

Plan of Action (POA): You are required to be aware of the conditions, explicitly identify the underlying reason and the justification for it, and outline the main activities you are taking to remedy the problems and guarantee that violations do not occur again in the future. On behalf of your Power of Attorney (POA), Amazon will decide whether or not the suspension should be lifted. As a consequence of this, you are required to devise an effective plan of action, accept responsibility for your mistakes, refrain from defending yourself (as was said before), and make a solemn oath that you will never again violate any rules or policies. A persuading letter may be drafted on your behalf by the network of Amazon solution providers that are able to assist you in this process. You will be able to design a plan that will increase the odds of getting your suspended account reactivated if you follow the four steps that are outlined below:

  • In the first paragraph, you should offer a comprehensive summary of the company, including information such as its area of expertise, the name of the vendor, the company’s size, the types of products it sells, and so on.
  • The subject of the suspension will be discussed during the second phase. Take responsibility for your conduct and offer a comprehensive explanation for why the account was disabled as a result of your behavior. Describe the errors that were made and include any data and information that is pertinent along with the proof that you have found.
  • The third step includes the implementation of preventative actions, such as modifying the organization’s processes and equipment to ensure that a violation will never take place again. You may, if it is deemed important to do so, outsource the company demands to a solutions provider that is both competent and professional in addition to educating the personnel.
  • The recommendation can be made in the tenth and last paragraph without the use of any bold or italicized phrases. In addition to this, you may include a concise summary of the steps that the company took to address the problems.

 Infraction of the policy of intellectual property and poor rating for customer service


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