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How To Clean Room With ADHD

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How To Clean Room With ADHD

What if I told you that ADHD is not just a disorder that children suffer from? Approximately nine million adults in the United States are believed to suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). About four percent of the adult population in the United States is affected by this disorder.

Daily tasks can often be challenging for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In addition to forgetfulness and poor organization, messy behavior is another common symptom of ADHD. There is no way that ADHD individuals can clean effectively. Neurotypicals find cleaning to be such a chore that it is nearly impossible.

For someone with ADHD, just think how much more difficult it will be to keep up with the cleaning schedule compared to a neurotypical person?

Our search for ADHD-related podcast has brought us to a podcast called Hacking Your ADHD, where William Curb discusses how he manages his disorder. I found it quite fascinating that an entire segment is devoted to cleaning the house with attention deficit disorder!

It gives me a lot of ideas for my next DIY project.

  1. Deep cleaning your home does not always need to be a big deal

because, as we have repeatedly pointed out, deep cleaning your home does not always need to be a big deal. This is not the same as cleaning your entire home. In the event that you want to clean your house every time you do so, there is no need to scrub the corners and crevices of your house. Many individuals with ADHD who clean become frustrated because of other tasks associated with cleaning.

If you wash your sink two hours after you wash your bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, make sure that you have not found yourself scrubbing your tiles with your toothbrush. You just wanted to clean your sink. Keep things tidy in your home takes time and effort. It will become increasingly impossible to keep up with deep cleaning every time you start cleaning your house, so you will lose motivation and give up.

Instead, stay calm and concentrate on what you are going to clean. I think we ought to move on to the second point.

  1. The second point is to set out an elaborate cleaning schedule.

There is no way that ADHD sufferers will be able to accomplish anything if they do not know exactly what needs to be done and when. You could anyway schedule a reminder to remind you to do the cleaning as part of the regular schedule of tasks you do on a regular basis.

Our company has already prepared a guide for how to set up a house cleaning schedule, so you might want to spend some time with that before you begin.

It has become evident that to clean effectively when you have ADHD, you need more than just a simple guide catered towards neurotypicals. But you can use this guide as a reference point and incorporate it into whatever management methods you use for ADHD. It is crucial that you create a cleaning schedule tailored for your personality and ADHD type by doing this.

  1. Step Three – Describe the things that you have accomplished.

An ADHD mind is always cleaning things up, which is why it’s important to keep a list of them afterwards. The brains of ADHD individuals don’t take the time to reflect or focus on one thing at a time. Because of this fast pace of processing, we may lose sight of where we are with respect to our tasks.

It is therefore crucial to keep a cleaning chart to keep track of your activities. It is possible to quickly achieve your goals when you create a schedule and chart, and you can mark them off after they have been completed.

If you do not have a whiteboard, you can use a dry erase board. Then, as you are updating the board each week, you can plan new tasks for the week.

By doing this, I can tell whether I have vacuumed the living room or cleaned the carpet. If you are using a chart, you’ll easily remember that this is something you can do in your head.

  1. 4. Clean tiny things before moving on to bigger ones.

A person suffering from ADHD will find it very stressful if there are too many things going on at the same time. If you want to reduce the amount of stress caused by cleaning, you don’t need to do every single cleaning task at once.

Start by cleaning one small thing instead of all the things in a house.

When the small items in your home have been cleaned, you will feel more empowered to tackle the big items in your home. You will be able to work more effectively and reduce stress when you clean your home.

  1. Use Visual Aids When Cleaning Your Home

One of the most significant percentages of people with ADHD is those who are visual processors. You may consider color-coding your school binders, papers, and notes with different hues depending on which subject you are studying. Perhaps it would be a good idea to use one color for school assignments and another for home assignments.

It may also be possible to use open shelving or transparent containers with labels to keep the living spaces neat. There is an over-the-door shoe holder made of clear plastic that can be used to store small things that are easily misplaced such as earrings.

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