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How to properly store gunpowder

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How to properly store gunpowder

Sometimes, professional hunters, military or police are faced with misfires of guns due to damaged or unsuitable cartridges for firearms, which is indicative of damage to the cartridges or unsuitability for use in the firearm. A most likely cause of such problems is that the ammunition or powder has been improperly stored. This type of problem is less likely to occur as a consequence of factory defects. We are currently discussing improper storage of explosives and gunpowder as it concerns the examination of the climatic regime in the area where the explosives and gunpowder are kept. This article will teach you how to store ammunition properly, what is the optimal microclimate and why it must be maintained strictly in order to prevent a leak or accidental discharge.

A description of the rules and consequences associated with gunpowder storage that must be followed

The best way to store gunpowder and ammunition is to keep them in a container made of glass or tin which can be sealed. For gunpowder to be stored for a long time, humidity and temperature are important factors. In the room that the gunpowder is being stored in, the temperature should remain the same. In contrast, if there are regular changes in temperature of the room, the gunpowder is more likely to burn in lumps and for a longer time if sudden changes in temperature occur. Gunpowder is best stored at a temperature of 65°C as this is the peak temperature for storing it.

Gunpowder should be stored in an environment with 40% humidity. There is a problem with wet gunpowder, that it cannot lead to a shot. Since it is difficult to determine how dry gunpowder behaves when previously damp, it is not recommended to use previously damp gunpowder. It is possible for powdered ammunition to fail to fire or to burn too quickly, which could result in the barrel bursting. When it comes to the gunpowder itself, we recommend the moisture content should not exceed 0.1% – with such parameters it leaves the manufacturer’s factory, and these parameters remain relevant even after it leaves the factory. If you don’t want to lose your investment in the purchase of gunpowder, it will not last very long.

So, how do you make sure that gunpowder is dried properly?

In order to keep the product in good condition, it has to be kept in a hermetic container with consistent humidity as well as a constant temperature. Additionally, the environment of the room must be free of mold and fungi. This can cause the gunpowder to be ruined. Cartridges, in certain cases, will develop green corrosion on them, the metal will be damaged, and the cartridge will become unsuitable to be used. It is also important to note that the level of humidity in residential premises should not exceed the recommended level.

It is possible to store ammunition in the following rooms:

The following rooms are not recommended for the storage of ammunition out of doors. In winter, basements, garages, and car trunks are not recommended places to store cartridges. Low temperatures can negatively affect the performance or damage the powder permanently.

The use of special rooms is not recommended. Irrespective of whether it is a weapon room or a warehouse for storing ammunition, it is important that a microclimate is present for the storage of ammunition. You can make sure that the gunpowder you buy today remains the same way it did when you bought it if you keep the temperature and humidity constant.

Here are some practical recommendations for the storage of gunpowder. It is important to note that factory-sealed containers are not entirely secure, as they also tend to get damp over time. When the temperature of a tin container changes from +15 to +25 degrees, for example, a condensate is formed on the surface of the container, which subsequently lends itself to corrosion. Cold metal is the metal most likely to form condensation on its surface as a result of its cold temperature. For this reason, ammunition must be stored in sealed packages to prevent condensation. Even if the oxidation on the cartridge is very small, you should stay away from using the oxidized cartridge. In addition to being useless, these rounds can cause your weapon to malfunction or jam as a result of the malfunctioning rounds.

Do you think it is safe to keep gunpowder at home? Well, it depends on the situation. However, when you keep it at home, you can maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. That is one of the responsibilities of storing gunpowder at home. Gunpowder can explode unexpectedly at high concentrations for the owner, as it is an explosive, which means at a very low concentration it will not explode. Smoke powder is the type of powder that should be used with extreme caution because this type of powder is less stable than smokeless powder. A shotgun cartridge is made up of a type of gunpowder that is used for shooting.

What is the recommended storage time for hunting cartridges?

In situations when there is no sign of corrosion on the cartridges, there is no overheating, no signs of mechanical damage, and the cartridges are stored in an environment that maintains a constant microclimate, these cartridges have the potential to last decades.

In this section, you will find equipment to store gunpowder properly

Using a dehumidifier to keep the gun safe dry is the best solution. Not only will these devices dry the air but also, maintain the desired humidity levels of the gunpowder itself. In conclusion, besides the damaging effects that too dry air can have on gunpowder, placing the gunpowder in a dryer will maintain the parameters you set more precisely.

Using a heat gun for a humidifier is the best solution for some people, since it heats the air in the room and dehumidifies it at the same time. However, acquiring one of these devices for the purpose of storing gunpowder will prove to be a huge mistake. There will always be a constant difference in the temperature of the air, since they will drastically change the temperature of the air and dry it. When talking about dehumidifiers, we all know they dry the air a lot, but imagine what will happen if you use a heat gun to dry out hot, dry powder. There is a need to take very good care of this problem, creating the right microclimate that is very mild and healthy. Only dehumidifiers are suitable for storing ammunition with absolute care because they maintain the right humidity level and temperature to ensure that the ammunition will not deteriorate.

Various options for storing ammunition with dehumidifiers include:

Buying a dehumidifier for the house and using an air conditioner to cool it. There are a few drawbacks to this approach, but despite its shortcomings, it is an acceptable one. A household dehumidifier of the condensing type will ensure a constant air humidity with a minimum of energy use. As a result, the temperature in the room will change (because of the increase in temperature during the dehumidification process), and to accommodate the change in temperature, you will need to install an air conditioner. The inverter air conditioner is a great choice in this case because it will independently respond to the rise in temperature, and it will also lower the temperature to the desired parameters, and also because it works to keep the temperature constant, which means there will be no abrupt changes in temperature. Non-inverter air conditioners work on this principle: they bring air into the room quickly and you receive high power cooling, then they shut off, then they quickly cool again, and then they turn off, leading to a quick and abrupt jumping in temperature.

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