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Orderific Is A Revolution For Your Restaurant

by MatesNews

While the coronavirus epidemic forced many businesses to step up their sanitizing efforts, it also made the use of QR codes an inevitable necessity. While the technology is not yet mainstream and is largely geared towards taking over the restaurant business, experts in the restaurant industry predict that it will be around long after the crisis has passed. If the coronavirus pandemic ever stops, QR codes will likely be around for a long time to come.

Restaurants and bars are adopting a QR code menu ordering system to reduce the contact between employees and customers. A QR code menu will enable customers to order their food quickly, while limiting the risk of germ transmission through human contact. Restaurants and bars are already dealing with COVID-19 and the challenges of reopening amid this epidemic. These new technologies will provide an important contribution to public health.

Resolution For Restaurant—Orderific

The technology will also help restaurants as it works as pos system for restaurants to eliminate long lines, which hurts business. With this technology, customers no longer need to wait in line to get the food they want, and waitstaff won’t have to spend time looking for the menu. QR code menus also help restaurants cut labor costs by up to 30% and remove the need for servers. That means that staff can focus on more important tasks such as serving customers. The increased revenue comes from smart works, you can use the Orderific app as the smart tool for ordering system.

Using an Orderific free QR code menu for restaurants can speed up service and reduce wait times, improving customer satisfaction while also cutting down on staffing costs. The system is partnered with HungryHungry, an industry-leading order software developer, to make contactless QR ordering easy for your customers. This innovative technology is fast becoming the menu of choice for restaurants large and small.

To learn more about Orderific, download the free trial version today! In the wake of the recent pandemic, the CDC recommended restaurants go paperless in order to reduce the spread of germs. However, the high cost of paper menus is not without its drawbacks. Moreover, a menu can carry up to 185,000 germs per centimeter. The CDC recommends that customers go for contactless dining instead of paper menus. The technology works by creating a digital menu consisting of black dots or squares. Once scanned, the code links to the website or PDF containing information about the restaurant. This menu is easy to share among friends and family.

Contactless Menu For Your Customers 

Restaurants may have encountered QR code menus a couple of years ago, and they are becoming increasingly popular with diners. By creating a digital menu, restaurants can improve the speed of service and reduce operating costs such as payroll and printing. This technology also speeds up service and reduces the need to change menus, which is crucial for high-end restaurants. Orderific also enables customers to browse menus on the go, and even print the menus as required.

Many restaurant menus change frequently, and updating a print version requires significant resources. A digital menu for restaurants eliminates the need for costly updates. Additionally, people are increasingly cautious about physical contact, and have learned to limit their interactions with staff. With Orderific, customers can quickly and conveniently place orders before sitting down to eat, thereby speeding up service. And when combined with a collection point system, the system can reduce the time between staff members and customers, resulting in a more pleasant experience for everyone.

There’s a lot of concern about the spread of COVID-19 in restaurants these days. Using digital menus and ordering QR codes can help reduce the spread of this virus. While using physical menus has its advantages, they can also be more difficult to maintain in a COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, a recent survey from Dataessential found that 65% of restaurant guests are comfortable not having to look at menus.

Easy Ordering System

Digital menus can be a great way to keep customers informed about what’s available and how to order it. They can eliminate the need for paper menus, which can be shared by multiple people in a party. Guests can order and pay directly through their smartphones instead, which means less risk for transmission. In addition to reducing the spread of COVID-19, digital menus can enhance the experience of dining in restaurants. For example, if a restaurant has a special menu for Valentine’s Day, it can use an image of the company’s logo on the menu.

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