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by MatesNews

Toonly is a great way to create animated explainer videos. These videos can increase likes, shares, subscribers, customers, conversions, contributions, and more. It also includes a knowledge base, tutorials, and premium support.

Toonly offers 510 character images with 17 different poses, and 81 various scenes and settings. The library has been designed for every niche, industry, and profession.

It’s easy to use

Toonly is an easy-to-use software program that makes creating animated explainer videos simple. It offers a lot of characters, props, and backgrounds to choose from. Moreover, it can be used even by people who are not video designers. In addition, it has a user-friendly interface and lots of tutorial videos that can help you get started.

Toonly’s drag-and-drop functionality lets you add images, sound, dialogue, and people to your scenes. It also allows you to customize the positioning and sizing of objects. It’s easy to create a professional-looking video in minutes. However, the software does have a few shortcomings. For example, it doesn’t allow you to create your own animation options, but it does come with pre-set scenes that are useful for different industries and niches.

Toonly’s features make it a great choice for anyone who wants to create an engaging and entertaining video that will appeal to their audience. The platform is available for both desktop and mobile devices, and the video creation process is fast and straightforward. You can even export your video in a variety of formats. Moreover, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it risk-free. You can also purchase a subscription to use Toonly on multiple computers. The yearly Voomly Cloud plan costs $49 and provides access to the Standard version of Toonly.

It’s affordable

Toonly makes creating animated explainer videos more affordable than ever, making it a great tool for small businesses and individuals. This animation software comes with a huge library of characters, props, and backgrounds to help you create professional-looking videos. It also includes over a hundred audio files, and allows you to record your own voice over music.

Animated explainer videos are a great way for companies to communicate their brand message and increase engagement. They are more entertaining and engaging than whiteboard animations, and are great for grabbing attention and explaining complex ideas in a simple way. They are also perfect for Facebook ads, as they can entice customers to click and find out more about a company Toonly.

They’re also popular with nonprofits, which can use them to promote their cause and attract donors. Using an animated video can tell a compelling story about your organization’s mission, and encourage people to support you by donating. You can even use it to rebut common objections from potential donors.

With Toonly, you can make an animated explainer video in just minutes. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and you don’t need any prior experience or technical knowledge. It also provides a lot of resources and tutorials to help you get started. There are also several forums and a community of over 35k members where you can ask questions or get advice from other users.

It’s easy to customize

Toonly makes it easy to create high-quality animated videos for your business or personal projects. It offers a variety of animation action, character, and scene options that help you convey your message with clarity and excitement. It also includes a voice-over feature to make your video more engaging. Its simple, drag-and-drop design allows you to easily create a professional-looking animation in just a few steps. Once you’ve finished, you can preview your video to ensure that it looks and sounds perfect before you export it.

Toonly has a large library of premade scenes that combine backgrounds, characters, and props into one package. These premade scenes are ideal for creating explainer and cartoon videos. They’re also great for improving conversion rates, and can be used on landing pages, Facebook ads, and video sales letters.

Another great feature of Toonly is its lip-syncing, which synchronizes the mouth movement with the audio you choose. This is a great way to add character expression without the expense of hiring a professional actor. Toonly’s characters come in a variety of ethnicities, ages, and sexes, as well as a few theme-based options.

Unlike some other video creation tools, Toonly’s preview is instantaneous, making it easier to test your content before publishing. You can also upload your own music tracks and edit them to match the tone of your video. However, Toonly does not offer as many music options as some of its competitors.

It’s easy to publish

Animated explainer videos are an effective way to grab the attention of potential clients and boost your business’s conversion rates. The best part is that they can be made by anyone – even if you don’t have any animation experience. You can use Toonly to make cartoon-style animated explainer videos in minutes. The software comes with a wide range of characters, backgrounds, props, and scenes to choose from. You can also record and sync custom voiceover audio directly to the video. Toonly is easy to use and does not require any coding knowledge.

Toonly has a wide variety of features that are designed to meet the needs of small businesses, corporate organizations, schools, and non-profits. For example, B2B companies can use the tool to create clever and scintillating animated explainer videos to pass engaging messages about their services to prospective customers. They can also use it to promote their products and stand out among competitors.

Toonly offers two monthly packages – the standard package costs 39$ per month, and the enterprise version is 69$ per month. Both include a wide selection of characters, backgrounds, objects, and royalty free music. There are also numerous tutorials and customer support to help you get started with the software. This makes Toonly one of the most popular explainer video makers on the market.

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