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Types of Digital Marketing Services

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Digital marketing is a new way of promoting any service or brand in the online market with the help of Internet and Digital devices. New technologies and devices have made people Aware of Digital market. Due to the Increase use of the Internet now a day’s people are more likely engaged in online services, and they want everything in there hand at their doorstep. The digital market has made this possible for users to buy things online and get them delivered at there doorstep.  It is a very low cost Process; it has many services which will help you to gain profit and growth in Digital world. By seeing all these new features and benefits of Digital marketing many companies have already diverse their way of promoting Products from Traditional to Digital market.

 Digital marketing Services

  • Search Engine Optimization- SEO is a Service which helps to rank your website in search engine. It helps in optimizing your website. It is very important part Of Digital market as your website will grow only when it is visible to customers. SEO will help in making your site visible by adding relevant keywords links and URL’s. So that when user search for any site related to our then search engine will show our site on top and user will visit it. Most of the users see sites available on google first page there are not much user who visit second page if google.
  • Email marketing-Email is the service used by 90% of the total population. As it is very old method of making promotion. Email can be send to many people at one time. We can also check that our mail is send to customer or not and here we can communicate with customer directly. It does not require any cost.
  • Social Media-This feature of Digital marketing is used by many people around the whole world social sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube has grab the attention of many people towards them. Here you can promote anything like business, brand, service or your passion like acting, singing, dancing, and much more. Here you can easily see the user’s response when they started following you.
  • Pay-per clicks- It is a part of SEO and it require some investment. It helps in promoting your business by showing Ads related to your product in SEO. As when user will make search in SEO then your ad will prompt in between in order to make him visible your site. This service can also help in engaging traffic to your site.

By following all these services you can grow your business online through Digital marketing. It will help in increasing your conversion rate as compared to Traditional method which is costly and does not have more features like Digital marketing.

About the Author – Gaurav Digital is one of the digital marketing specialists in India with more than seven years of consulting experience. He has worked with major brands such as DelhiCourses.in, an institute known best for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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