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Ways To Bring Excitement to Your Next Virtual Meeting

by MatesNews

5 Ways To Bring Excitement to Your Next Virtual Meeting

As a result of the usage of virtual meetings in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly common over the last few years. There is nothing more convenient than able to interact with a large group of people in their living rooms without leaving their homes. As it is much more challenging to truly connect with participants in a virtual setting, the presenter needs to have a sense of creativity and come up with different strategies to keep everyone engaged. The following are five strategies you can employ to ensure your next virtual event is a resounding success.

Participant Engagement – How to Keep Participants Inspired

Before you begin planning your next virtual meeting, the most important thing you should keep in mind is engagement. Your aim is to ensure the participants enjoy your meeting, and in order to do that, you need to keep them engaged and keep them active throughout the event. Open a meeting with a PowerPoint presentation without any feedback or input from the audience rather than using a one-sided presentation.

  1. Develop customized backgrounds for zooming in and out

The best way to instantly add excitement to your Zoom meeting is by adding a custom background as part of your conference screen. If you choose to add a custom office background to your Zoom presentation, your participants won’t see the same old boring background when watching your presentation. Meeting participants can also add their own background images when completing the meeting form so they can show off their own sense of team spirit or personality.

  1. Become acquainted with your team members.

It is often suggested that it is beneficial to use icebreakers or other get-to-know-you activities to help make your virtual meetings more effective and fun. It is helpful to have a question ready when you first start the meeting up, so that you can kick things off in the right direction. Consider using a “Would You Rather” questions that isn’t work related so the audience can see each person’s personality, for example, “Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream?”””Cream?”””Cream?””” It may be more fun to ask unique and random questions that may bring people into the presentation.

  1. Organise contests and drawings to encourage participation

As a second step, add some contests and drawings to your Zoom meetings with some fun competitions during your virtual meeting. The trick to hosting a successful long meeting is to break it up into smaller sections and have periodic drawings of things like gift cards or time off from work so everyone can stay on top of things. We are organizing a Zoom backgrounds Mac contest to see who can come up with the funniest backgrounds.

  1. Consider breaking out into smaller groups.

The challenge that people can face when they are participating in a virtual meeting where there are hundreds of people is how to interact meaningfully. The more you break up the large group into smaller groups during your presentation, the more time you will be able to spend on conversation and getting more participation from the audience. With most virtual meeting platforms, the presenter can customize the meeting by opening smaller, mini-meetings with breakout rooms within that meeting.sion, so that these can be very small virtual meetings. If you set up breakout rooms during the meeting, you can give each group some engaging activities that will make it more fun and interesting.

  1. Have a game session.

In order to make the virtual meeting more enjoyable for your participants, consider adding games to it that are both exciting and interactive. Incorporate a text-based question game with your chat feature to interact with a large number of people and engage them in conversation. Zoom immersive view background can help you even more creatively come up with game ideas for your meetings if you wish to utilize this feature.

Your attendees will surely appreciate you not making their Zoom sessions longer and more boring. Here are some fun ideas that will make your meetings even more enjoyable.


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