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Wedding save the date magnets your guests will love

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Pleasing people at your wedding is an unavoidable thing, even though many people consider it really toxic. However, it is nothing like that, there are many people worthy enough to be called on your wedding. However pleasing the venue and food is not enough, you can try various new things to make it a happening and memorable event for your guests.

In this article,w e will try to give you ideas about creating something valuable for the guest. We believe that along with the beautiful memories of the event, you should also do something different for the special guests. Now the only thing that we give to the guests before the wedding are the save the dates wedding cards. Obviously you will also send them. But to make the most out of it, you can do it in a unique way.

In this article, we intend to share with you the easiest yet unique ways to invite guests at your wedding. Including the save the dates magnets, as they are also different from the classic wedding cards. So let us get started.

How to design wedding save the date magnets?

Designing these magnets is one of the tasks, and you might need some good designer for that. However, we would advise you to go a step beyond the regular magnets to make the guess feel special.

For example, you can design these magnets with a special additional item with the date. Or you can skip the numbers,and simply send a magnet with a peculiar thing that describes your relationship with that person.

Thanks to the technology, now you can also have the images of the guests on the magnet. So why not have their images on the magnets. Ask a graphic designer to make them wear the dresses you think they will wear at your wedding, and send them these wedding cards magnets.

The next step after you have selected a amgent design is to contact someone who cna make these magnets.a s it is a very rare thing, therefore we warn you of getting into trouble. Thus, the safest way would be contacting people who are into this business already. You can contact the card designer, and ask if they can help you in this regard.

Another way to find someone reliable for such a unique task would be sharing your query on a facebook group.

Once you have found the best magnet designer, it would be time to get the other things done. Like the printed card. Yes, the simple wedding save the date magnets will not be enough to invite anyone to your wedding. Along with the magnet you will also need to have that printed car.d

Yes, it is an expensive plan. So if you wish to cut down the prices, then we would like to suggest that you should go for the digital cards only. Printing as many cards as you have made the magnets, would take this to a very huge budget, which many people would not like to pay. As we believe weddings can be a toll on your pocket, thus, it is better to send the wedding invites very smartly, without making it a burden.

What else can you send with the save the dates magnets/

If I were in your position, I would have sent a stopwatch or an alarm clock to my lazy and forgetful family members, and acquaintances. However, it is not the way, and it might seem very rude. So the best way would be included the affordable, yet simple things for the package of wedding invitation.

The items that can be added in this package vary from person to person. Sometimes, you need to think about your relationship with the receiver, and then select an item, while for a few people you will prefer choosing something randomly. Keep in mind that if you are feeling overburdened then there is no reason to send such packages. These are only necessary when you feel happy.

You can send the following things along with save the dates magnets.

  • An apparel you think your friends would like.
  • Scented candles.
  • A pack of good chocolates.
  • A perfume.
  • A keychain to make it memorable.

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